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Tough IQA

What is your ideal job?

In a personality test, this question may not be so easy for you to answer. But in a job interview, it’s one of the easiest questions you’ll be asked – The Answer of course is – This one.

As far as they are concerned, your ideal job is the one you’re interviewing for right now.

In asking this question, your interviewer is trying to find out if you’ll be happy and productive in this position, with this company, or if you just want anything with a paycheck. So it’s a little bit like answering the question, “Why do you want to work here?” They want to know that it’s about more than the money.

This is yet another place where the company research you do before the interview will benefit you. If you’ve done your job interview prep right, you can add those elements that make it clear that you are interested in this job, with this company.
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Are you overqualified for this job?

If you get asked this question in your job interview, you may jump straight to frustrated—especially if you’re an older worker and assume they’re telling you you’re just too old. But companies facing hiring issues really don’t want to make a mistake. They don’t want to go to the time and expense of hiring someone who will just move on to something that pays more as soon as they find it. Most people want to climb the ladder and make more money, so why wouldn’t you?

So when they ask you if you have too much experience, think about the question behind the question. What they’re really asking is, are you going to be bored? Is this really the right position for you? Are you really going to be satisfied here? Drill down a little more and it’s: Are you a fit for this job? – Are you willing to relocate?

Are you willing to move for your job?

In many companies, this is a typical job interview question. Sometimes it’s a deal-breaker, sometimes it isn’t. Even if this particular job doesn’t require it, many companies want that flexibility in their employees for long-term growth potential.

The knee-jerk answer that most people give (“I’d consider it for the right opportunity.”) is not your best answer. Even if it is the truth. Because it puts your motivation for wanting the job more into the ‘money’ category rather than the ‘fulfilling work / great fit’ category. It’s a subtle but important distinction, and it will take the shine off your candidacy if you say it.

What To Do Next

What we covered is just 3 of many questions you most have the right answer too in your interviews if you want that job offer.

If you are not prepared to answer the perfect interview questions, your chances of getting that job offer is low. It’s frustrating to go from one interview after another and not knowing why you are not getting any job offers. Now here’s your chance to turn all that around.

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