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5 Ways to Avoid Seeing Your Resume Dumped in the Trash

resume documentWhen it comes to the job market, you’re going to face stiff competition. And most recruitment managers are constantly inundated with resumes from hundreds of applicants.

It has been suggested that hiring managers spend as little as six seconds glancing at any given resume. The truth is that many resumes will end up lost in the shuffle or, worse still, dumped in the trash.

The hiring process has evolved over the years, but a number of key principles remain the same. You’re going to need to stand out among the crowd to even be considered for an interview, let alone get the job. Here are a few tips for making sure your resume stands out when second count.

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 Back Up Your Claims

Your resume is about selling both yourself and your achievements. Without any proof to back that up, it’s just a bunch of empty promises.

 Employ A Professional

Even to this day, so many resumes are littered with grammatical errors. Despite your grasp on your native language, sometimes errors slip by unnoticed. Recruit the services of a resume writer to give it the once over and make sure everything is in order. They’ll also be able to help you craft a solid resume that will make recruiters notice yours. To get you off on the right foot, download our Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.

 Include A Cover Letter

Many employers won’t look at your resume if it isn’t supplemented by a cover letter. This has taken over the mantle from traditional application forms in the professional world. Here is your opportunity to tell your story – make sure you take it. It’s vital that you leave them wanting to know more about you.

However, remember that it’s about what you can do for them, not the other way around. Always write a tailor-made resume for each job you apply for.

 Make It Visually Exciting

The best way to attract anyone’s attention is aesthetically. Days are gone for bland, monochrome word processor documents.

How your resume should look depends entirely on your field? However, you’ll want to keep it simple and it needs to look fresh.

Only Highlight Relevant Experience

The temptation to fill your employment history with every job you’ve ever had is overwhelming, especially so when you have little experience. Your prospective employer, doesn’t care about the bartending you did in your late teens. Those six seconds I mentioned earlier could be used up by irrelevant reading time. You don’t want that to happen.

Write a perfect resume with our Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.


Source: Career Confidential

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