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My name is Jim Burrow and I live in Livermore, California and here is a brief about me.

After high school I went to a local community college and dropped out after my first year. For the next 3 years I was basically a beach bum where I grew up on a little Island in the Delta – about 35 miles East of San Francisco and Oakland bay area.

Al l my life I have had an interest in electronics and at the age of 12 got me ham (armature) radio license. By the time I was 21 I realized that if I wanted to go any place in the electronic field, I would have to go back to college. So at the age of 21 I went back to the community college and got my AA degree in Electronic technology.

At this same time in collage, I was on the track team (I was a 9.6 second 100 yard dash sprinter) and received a scholarship to Fresno state for track. But being now 24,I got me draft notice to the arm forces telling me – “Boy” we need you.


Since I just got my Associate of Arts degree (AA) in electronics, I was able to go into the USAF instead of the Army and being shipped off to Viet Num.

During my time in the Air Force I worked on the Inertial and Radar Navigation Systems of the F4 phantom jet and the C130 black birds. Here I decided that I didn’t want to be an electronic Technician but an Electronic Engineer, so I left the Air Force (had a great time in the air force by the way) and went back to college that specialized in Electronic Engineering.


After getting my Electronic Engineering Degree (BSEE), I went to work for a major defense company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I remained there for nineteen and half years until 1995 when X-president Bill Clinton decided to do away with the defense industry. This action put hundreds and thousands of people like me out of work across the nation.

Like so many people my age (middle age) we were not able to find work – too old, can’t pay you the salary that you are qualified for and others (you know, all that bull). Because of not being able to find work and the unemployment by this time had run out, I was force to cash in all my investments (IRA, 401k and others) just to pay my bills. By this time I also had to use my credit card to help pay the mortgage.

Anyway I finally was able to get a part time job at the local airport – gas boy – and also decided to take an early retirement from my old company. Although I had no extra money to spend on the family (a wife and one great daughter) I was able to get by.

Internet Marketing

About the year 2000 I got interested in the Internet and started creating websites and applications programs for PC. – Sorry Mac! – Hence the_CDMS_group was born with three other guys. Over time, they all left and I continued creating website.

But come along 2010, things were getting not so good financially, even though I was now collecting Social Security. So I took an interest in Affiliate Marketing on the Internet, since I was creating websites any, why not try to make some money with them.

So to present, I have 9 website that I am developing and hoping someday soon I will no longer need a part time job at the good old age of Sixty Seven.

So there you have it a short brief of my life.

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