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Beat Age Discrimination

Interviews can be rough for middle age job seekers


Age Discrimination on job interview questions and answers

Age Discrimination in Interviews Is a Huge Problem. It is very frustrating during your job search to go into interview after interview and not knowing why you are not getting any job offers.

If you’re over 50 and in a job search, you may be encountering a few challenges. Maybe you haven’t job searched in a while, or maybe you are experiencing some age bias, or employers telling you you’re “too qualified” for the job.
The good news is that because you’re over 50, you have a few advantages in the job search that younger workers don’t have. And it’s easier than you think to overcome the obstacles in your way.

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Age Discrimination Is a Huge Problem

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Specific job search strategies

As an older worker, you do have a stereotype to deal with. The perception is that older workers can’t take orders from younger bosses, they don’t do technology, they resist change, they lack energy, maybe they have health problems, and they cost too much.

Use your network

The biggest advantage you have as an Over 50 candidates is that because of your age, you probably have an enormous network. You’ve probably forgotten about all the people you know from school, from various jobs you’ve worked, from social groups, from churches, from your kid’s school, from all kinds of places. A good network is one of the greatest job search resources you can have.

Grow your network

Everybody should be on LinkedIn, whether they’re in an active job search or not. There are just too many opportunities there in terms of contacting people that you don’t want to miss. But don’t just set up a profile. Join groups. Participate in the discussions that come up. As your name gets to be known, you’ll likely pick up new contacts. And don’t forget about Facebook, talk about your job search on Facebook, too.

Active Networking online

Edit your resume

If you’ve been employed for a long time, you have a great problem: how to edit down everything you’ve done into a summary of your experience. Most over-50 people have no idea how to edit their resume so that it is less than 2 pages.

But it must be less than 2 pages. The great news is that your editing is going to leave only the best, most impressive stats for the hiring manager to look at.

You’ll probably have to edit it for each job you apply for. But that means that you can have a true marketing document that sells you for the position.


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Interviewing tips

There are probably two biggest obstacles you face when you interview.

First Obstacle –  They can let you know how you’re coming across in your answers. You probably won’t like doing it, but I guarantee you that the practice of answering those questions and the chance to refine your answers before you get to an actual interview will be worth it.

Second obstacle – will be when you have to interview with someone younger than you. If you find yourself in that situation, it’s up to you to make that situation more comfortable. Smile at them. Talk about things that show you have energy, like volunteering or the hobbies.

Try to project the attitude of: “I haven’t done this job before” or “I haven’t worked for this company before, so I’m sure that there’s a lot I could learn from you and I am excited to be learning it.”And then draw on your experience to answer those interview questions.

Giving real reasons why you are right for this job

In Summary

The truth is that if you’re over 50, you have a lot of advantages that younger candidates don’t have…like experience, knowledge, judgment, and even things like fewer childcare issues and a more flexible schedule.

Stay positive and concentrate on communicating why you’re a solution for their problem. Present yourself with energy and enthusiasm, use the resources you have available to you (like your network), and interview with confidence. You have a lot to offer.

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