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Are You 50 or Older – And Still No Job Offers?

– it’s called Ageism.


age discrimanation 1If you are out of work, middle age and frustrated by interview after interview and not being offered a job,  It may not be your fault – it’s called Ageism.

If you’re middle age and in the job search, you may be encountering a few challenges. Maybe you haven’t job searched in a while, or maybe you are experiencing some age bias, or employers telling you you’re “too qualified” for the job.

As an older worker, you do have a stereotype to deal with. The perception is that older workers can’t take orders from younger bosses, they don’t do technology, they resist change, they lack energy, or maybe they have health problems, and they cost too much. These are just a few bias reason hiring Managers may have with you.


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The good news is that because you’re over 50, you have a few advantages in the job search that younger workers don’t have. And it’s easier than you think to overcome the obstacles in your way.

I’m going to show you how to make the most of the advantages you do have, and how to knock down the obstacles in 3 places: your presentation in the job search, in your specific job search strategies, and in your job interviews.

To learn how, you have to do one of two things or both:

  • Second – Register for this LIVE and FREE Webinar (5 SIMPLE TIPS TO BEAT AGE DISCRIMINATION)  that goes into the problems of ageism and how you can overcome the stereotyping in the interviews and have the interviewing Manager offering you the job.

At the end of the webinar, you can ask live all the questions you may have. This is your livelihood we are talking about here – So do it NOW, Register for the webinar and download the free Pdf reports.


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