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What Do Employers Really Look for in a Resume?

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Whether you’re looking for your first job after college or you are ready for a career change, writing an eye-grabbing resume can be an intimidating process.

Do you know what employers are really looking for in resumes that get you hired?

So many people don’t know the answer to this important question.

The Right Keywords

Keywords aren’t just something you implement into your website or any other content you post online. An eye-catching resume should include keywords relevant to the job you are applying for.

Skill Exaggeration

In order to qualify for a job, you need to convince a future employer you have the right skills and experience and can fit into the company culture. Writing a good quality resume is about portraying this information succinctly and accurately.

Career Progression

How you progress through your career plays a role in whether you are a suitable candidate for a particular job. It’s important to make sure your resume tells a story about who you are and what jobs you have performed in the past.

Personal Branding

Hiring decisions are no longer solely about what employers find in your resume and what they learn during your interview. Many employers also look at your online presence before deciding whether you are a good fit for the company’s culture.

Resumes that get you hired have changed over the years. Today’s online world has created a new terrain that can make it difficult to get hired. Hiring a top resume writing service will help you make the right decisions when writing an executive resume, giving you the competitive edge and helping you land the job of your dreams.


Source: Career Confidential

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