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What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter? – It’s not just a structure you need to follow, like an “ABC” formula—it’s a mindset you need to get into. On the surface, cover letters seem simple.

But once you actually get into writing one, you start to understand that it’s deceptive. That’s when it starts to twist you up a little. And if it isn’t twisting you up at least a little bit, then you just don’t understand how important this little introduction is.

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Your cover letter needs to be simple and quick, but when you really start to think about how this is probably your very first introduction to whoever it is that needs to give you a chance at a job, it becomes vitally important that you impress them. You want to make them want to read your resume, and then call you for an interview.

Don’t Make Your Cover Letter Generic

The most common mistakes job seekers make when they write cover letters is that they make them too generic, they make them too long, and they put no effort into making them easy to read.

Job hunters not knowing how to create a good attention grabbing cover letter will go find a basic cover letter template online and just change out the names of the job title and company. The result is a letter that doesn’t make the reader want to dig a little deeper and read your resume, and doesn’t show good communication skills on your part.

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The goal of a good cover letter is to make sure that each cover letter you write is targeted to that job, at that company and to that hiring manager. You want to make sure that it gets your point across quickly and is very easy to skim and still get the most important facts from it.

You want to be direct and get to the point quickly while being polite, friendly, and professional. Remember, the purpose of the cover letter is to get you in front of the hiring manager. – Your Future Boss!

Don’t Copy and Paste from Your Resume into Your Cover Letter

You don’t want to just restate what’s in your resume. Your cover letter should complement your resume. However, you can direct the hiring manager’s attention to parts of your resume that they would be most interested in. Also you can add some details that don’t really “go” in your resume that might be beneficial for the employer to know.

Overall, you’re answering the question, “Why should I talk to you about this job?” Again – Don’t copy and paste from your resume into your cover letter.

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