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As of this moment, it doesn’t matter what’s been happening in your job search – if you can’t find jobs, if you can’t get interviews, or if you go to interview after interview, but you can’t get offers is very frustrating.

A typical job search can last anywhere from 6-9 months, or longer. The reason this happens is because job seekers just don’t understand what they need to know in order to be successful and find that job faster.


3 Biggest Reasons People Don’t Get Interviews

  • Resume – most people have a poorly written resume that a Hiring Manager doesn’t want to see.
  • Cover Letter – So many people don’t understand how important a cover letter is and those that do, don’t know how to send it.
  • Hiring Manager – Not Getting in front of the  Hiring Manager. People think when they fill out a job application that the hiring manager will see the resume. Most resumes are never seen by the hiring manager because the HR person is looking for the perfect resume to forward to the HM.


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5 Tips for Getting a Job Interview

  1. Strengthen Your Resume.
  2. Write a Compelling Cover Letter.
  3. Use the Internet to Find and Contact Hundreds of Hiring Managers.
  4. Use Your Network to Find Out About Opportunities.
  5. Improve Every Interview So That You Get the Offer By Bringing a 30 60 90 Day Plan.

Tip #1 – Strengthen Your Resume

  • A Resume is the Foundation of Your Job Search
  • A Quality Resume Has a Profound Impact

Tip #2 – Write an Interesting, Compelling Cover Letter. Put some thought into your cover letter.

  • Your Cover Letter Is Like a Quick Ad.
  • Gets the Hiring Manager to Look Closer at You.
  • Purpose – To Get Them to Read Your Resume and to Influence Their Perception of You.

Tip # 3 – Find and Contact Hundreds of Hiring Managers.

  • That Person Is Not in HR
  • That Person Is Always the Hiring Manager
  • Your Future Boss or Your Boss’s Boss

The Most Effective Way to Get Interviews Is to Go Directly to the Person with the Power and Authority to Hire You.>

What is it worth to you to get a job one-month sooner!

If you get a job even a month faster, you will put thousands of dollars in your pocket. For Example, if you are going for a job that pays:

  • $30,000 a Year, you will Earn an Extra $2,500
  • $60,000 a Year, you will Earn an Extra $5,000
  • $120,000 a Year, you will Earn an Extra $10,000

What could you do with that extra month?



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