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Phone Interview Series

Phone Interview Series

The 37 Most Essential and Extraordinary Tips That Will Get You To the Face-to-Face

phone interview- important to getting the job interview

Phone Interview, Important first step

Phone interviews
Phone interviews are often the very first step of the interview and hiring process. You’re not likely to get a call to come in and interview without some kind of conversation on the phone first.

How Important Telephone Interviews Really Are
Your resume got you the phone call. Now this one 10-minute conversation is THE deciding factor as to whether or not you’ll get the interview. That’s how important it is.

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Why Companies Do Phone Interviews

You know how strong the competition is. You know how many people are applying for your job. Companies and hiring managers don’t have time to interview them all. So they run you through this little conversational test to see if you’re worth spending an hour on in a regular interview. This way, they can meet with more people in less time.

Why People Succeed or Fail in Phone Interviews

Job seekers fail in the phone interview for two major reasons: they don’t take it seriously enough, and they don’t take into account the unique challenges a phone interview poses for them.

Phone interviews, just like other interviews, are really all about communication.

If you take the phone interview as seriously as a face-to-face interview, and you learn to work with the unique circumstances of a phone interview, you can succeed.

Why This Series

Each article in this series will give you another “lesson” in phone interviews: How to prepare, what to say, how to follow up, and much more. There are so many details involved in a good

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