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Does the Post Interview Follow Up Really Matter?

Thank you Note after interviewThe all important Thank You Note. You’ve already spent your time writing an effective resume and have gone through the interview process with a potential employer.

Determining the next step is critical to increase your chances of getting hired, but what is that next step?

Some people simply wait by the phone or check their email repeatedly, waiting for word regarding whether they are invited for another interview or to accept an offer. In addition to writing resumes that get you hired, it’s important to evaluate whether a follow up is really necessary.

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After the Interview

Once you land your interview, how you respond after the fact can play a dramatic role in whether you are considered for the job. While a phone call isn’t necessary at this point, common courtesy dictates sending a hand-written thank you note or email as soon after the interview as possible.

Thank them for spending the time with you and let them know you look forward to becoming a valuable member of their team. Too few candidates follow up after an in-person or over-the-phone interview, which means you will stand above the other candidates if you do.

Stand out with an amazing thank you

Just like the job interview, your thank you note and follow up after the interview is a conversation. If you say the right things to continue the conversation, you stand out from the other candidates and absolutely boost your chances of getting the job.

To find out how to get the job, download this Free Report for the best tips to Follow Up After your Job Interview. This report tells you…

What the best thank you notes say

  • What to do if they say “we’ll call you’ and they don’t”
  • What to say if they say “we haven’t made a decision yet”
  • What to do if they say “we’re moving forward with someone else”

You have much more influence over this process than you know. If they like you already, you can boost your value to them (and possibly your starting salary) with this information.

If they are on the fence about you, you can save your job offer with a good thank you note and follow up plan. I have seen many people save job offers they thought they’d lost with this information.

To find out how to get the job, download my Free Report for the best tips to Follow Up After your Job Interview.

Download our Free Report on Thank You Email After Interview.

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