There's more to just knowing the perfect answers if you want an interview

Stop Applying for Jobs Online

Improving these 4 Areas Will Help You the Most


stop applying on lineMost job seekers follow the ‘rules’…
• You have to spend time on Monster or Careerbuilder or another job board looking for listings.

• And then follow whatever directions they have to apply online for those jobs.

This system is NOT getting you hired.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is “Doing something over and over again and… expecting a different result.”

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Why Applying for Jobs Online Doesn’t Work?

⦁ Too many people applying for the same job.

⦁ Your application goes to the company database.

⦁ Human Resources is Looking for “Perfect” resume.

If you are not in front of the Hiring Manager, you are not in front of the person who can hire you.

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Improving these 4 Areas Will Help You the Most:

1. Your cover letter.
2. Your Resume.
3. How You Get Interviews.
4. How Well You Do in Those Interviews.white space

Hiring Manager – First thing you need to do is get in front of the hiring manager – your future boss. It’s just a waste of your time applying online, has it in most cases goes no farther than Human Recourse and eventually the garbage can. Join in on this webinar to learn how to get in front of the hiring manager.

Cover Letter – It’s the job of your cover letter to catch the eye of the hiring manager. The cover letter has to be compelling enough that the manager will want to look at your resume. You need to learn how to write it. Take a look at this e-report for ideas.

Resume – It’s the job of your resume to sell yourself. However, this resume has to be structured in a way that it is easy for the manger to learn about you quickly and all in two pages. To learn how to re-wright your perfect resume downloads this e-report.

Perfect Interview Answers – Now that you have got the attention of the hiring manager, you need to know the perfect interview answers that the hiring manager wants to here and not what you think they want to hear. You have gotten this far and in the interview. This isn’t the time to screw things up and not get the job offer. Learn more about Perfect Interview Answers by reading this e-report.

Job Seeker over 40 and especially women – If you’re over 50 and in a job search, you may be encountering a few challenges. Maybe you haven’t job searched in a while, or maybe you are experiencing some age bias, or employers telling you you’re “too qualified” for the job.

The good news is that because you’re over 50, you have a few advantages in the job search that younger workers don’t have. And it’s easier than you think to overcome the obstacles in your way. This is a must if you ever want to next job you’re seeking. To learn more here is an e-report for you to read.



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