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Stop Applying For Jobs Online
– It Doesn’t Work –

Stop Applying for jobs online - It's not workingAre you sick of spending hours applying online and then not even getting interviews for jobs you’re qualified for? – You are not alone!

Online applications are the single biggest waste of time for job seekers. That system is rigged against you.


Why Applying for Jobs Doesn’t Work:

If there is something you’re doing that feels depressing, you should stop doing it and this applies in particular to online job listings. Listings put all of the power in the employer’s hands since there is no feedback mechanism for the candidate.

Applying online will make you feel insecure and leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong. There is an extremely low response rate to these ads, because unless you meet every single criterion listed, it is unlikely that a human being will have in fact seen your resume.

In addition:
• Too many people applying for the same job.
• Your application goes to the company database.
• Human Resources is Looking for “Perfect”

If you are not in front of the Hiring Manager, you are not in front of the person who can hire you.

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Improving these 4 Areas Will Help You the Most:

1. Your cover letter.
2. Your Resume.
3. How You Get Interviews.
4. How Well You Do in Those Interviews.

Cover Letter

Write the Cover Letter to the Job, “NOT” Your Resume. In your first sentence or two, put the whole thing in context. What job are you interested in? Make that very clear. Remember, each cover letter you write is going to be written for that particular job.


The vast majority of job seekers do NOT have a good resume. A Resume is a Marketing Document. It’s what the employer sees before they meet you and is what they use to decide whether or not to call you in for an interview. Your resume has to sell you for the job.

Three Deadly Resume Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Putting your skills section last – Every resume must have a skills section. However, what’s even more important to remember is the placement of your skills section.

The skills section of your resume should be the first thing employers read. When you write your skills section, target your skills towards the qualifications for the position. This will help your resume stand out from other applications.

Unnecessary details – Employers don’t care about every job you’ve had in your entire life. They only care about the experience you have that pertains to the position you’re applying for.

For example, if you’re applying for your first entry-level job after college, don’t include your extra-curricular activities from high school or the babysitting jobs you had in college. Employers only want to learn about the jobs you had that will make you a great fit for the position.

Sharing too much information – Your resume isn’t meant to be your life history. Don’t include information regarding your religion, marital status, hobbies unrelated to your job, or how many children you have. These are details that should stay out of the application and interview process during your job search.

How You Get Interviews

Human Resources looks for the perfect resume.

  • Is yours perfect?
  • Do you have exactly what they’re looking for?
  • The exact words? Exact experience?

HR is an obstacle for you to overcome – go straight to the hiring manager.

When you get your resume to the hiring manager…You get it to the person who Understands the position best and how your skills will transfer into it.

The hiring manager is more motivated than anyone to fill that spot. The hiring manager can say “yes.” HR can’t say “yes.” They can only say “no.” – Skip them.


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