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The Resume
A Marketing Document

resume documentJob interviews are like very intense speed dating. The hiring managers has to get to know you well in a very short time. For many companies, talking about your resume and what you’ve done is just not enough.

They need to know how you’ll behave on the job, how you’ll react to situations.

Older job seekers have unique issues that require special attention on their resume. It’s mostly having to do with dates and experience. Older job seekers need to pay close attention to:

  • Your resume length, it should be no more than 2 pages.
  • Only list that last 10-15 years of your work history.
  • Edit your accomplishment so it does fit on 2 pages.
  • Don’t put dates of your education on your resume.

Is Your Resume as Good as You Are?

The vast majority of job seekers do NOT have a good resume. Less than 1% of job seekers have a great resume, even if they’ve had it professionally done. The best person to write your resume is not usually a resume writer – it’s YOU. You are the one who really knows your industry and how your skill set fits.

What you don’t know (and what you will learn in this webinar stop applying for jobs) are the rules for how to turn your resume into a marketing document that grabs attention—like writing an objective statement that tells an employer why they want to keep reading, or quantifying your accomplishments.


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A Resume is a Marketing Document

  • It’s what the employer sees before they meet you.
  • It’s what they use to decide whether or not to call you in for an interview.

Your resume has to sell you for the job.

Question – If your resume grabbed the attention of the hiring manager would you get more interviews?

Objective Statements on your resume

The Objective statement helps to sell you for the job.

  • It makes sure that it gets to the right person.
  • It tells the hiring manager why they should keep reading your resume.
  • And it’s a great place to add keywords that get your resume pulled up in searches –  even if you don’t have the ‘right’ experience.

Edit your resume – this is a must!

If you’ve been employed for a long time, you have a little problem: how to edit down everything you’ve done into a summary of your experience. Most older people over 50 have no idea how to edit their resume so that it is less than 2 pages. But it must be if you want a change at that new job.

The great news for older job seekers is that your editing is going to leave only the best, most impressive stats for the hiring manager to look at. But you’ll probably have to edit it for each job you apply for, (which every job seeker should do anyway). But that means you will have a true marketing document that sells you for the position.


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Don’t put the dates of your education on your resume, and only go back 15-20 years of your experience. Probably those earliest jobs don’t have a lot to do with your current job, so they don’t matter that much anyway.
Don’t make your resume look like an article.

Use Bullet Points, numbers, Dollars and percentages in your resume. Just don’t make it look like a 600-page article. Hiring managers don’t have time to read through it and most likely will just trash can it.

What Bullet Points Do.

  • Make your resume more attractive and use white space.
  • Bullet points Draw Your Eye and Make Your Resume Easier to Read.
  • Bullet points Catch Your Attention and communicate better than paragraphs.

Quantification of Your Accomplishments

Describe your accomplishments in Numbers, Dollars and Percentages. This is the #1 place people fail to make their resume shine. Doing this will make a world of difference in how your resume represents you.

Summing UP!

What has been discussed in this short article is just the tip of the Iceberg if you want to get that next job. Here is another of our webinars that you might consider registering for. It’s “How to Get A Job In 6 Weeks – Guaranteed!

On the right sidebar of this site you will see many of our Weekly Webinars you can register for and several Free eBooks/eReports you can download. – Good Luck On The Interviews.


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